We are Specialist Pharmaceutical Product Wholesalers & Distributors

We understand the local retail pharmaceutical market. We source niche healthy lifestyle products from local and international suppliers. Our extensive network of medium to large retail partners lets us help you successfully launch your product.

Our Brands

We’re proud to be the preferred local sales and distribution partner for the following premium brands.

Colief® Infant Drops is the original lactase enzyme and has been on the market over 15 years. We’re there to support young families.

FLEXISEQ contains powerful Sequessome Technology®, a drug-free, sustainable approach to joint pain and stiffness.

At Contigo we make water bottles, travel mugs, and kids water bottles that are engineered for the flow of modern life.

C-Burst 500mg Vitamin C tablets provide a natural immune boosting supplement to your healthy, active lifestyle.

MYO₂ was developed in 2010 as a therapeutic gel for relieving the symptoms of soft tissue and joint injury. Great for sports recovery.

Introducing LIV Moringa

LIV Moringa is made from the leaves of the moringa tree, known as “the miracle tree”. The potential is huge, not only due to its incredible health benefits, but as a cash crop to generate income for liv towards self-sustainability. Moringa is known as a health supplement worldwide. LIV has established a Moringa farm on the Village as well as built a processing plant to produce Moringa leaf powder to be used in LIV Moringa products including Moringa capsules, powder packs, cereals and tea.

About Us

Our focus is predominantly on healthcare products. We source and distribute niche products. Over the years, we've developed a solid distribution channel within the South African pharmaceutical market. Contact us today if you'd like to find out how we can help you launch and distribute your product.

Niche Products

We source niche products that support healthy active lifestyles.

National Coverage

Our retail partners enable our brands to get national coverage


Dedicated sales and marketing teams ensure your product reachs the correct markets.


We own and manage our warehouse facilities. Let us manage the operations behind the scenes.

Our Retail Partners

You can find our brands in the following stores across the country. Available online and in-store.

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