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Milkaid® Product Range

Introducing our new Milkaid® Range

Milkaid® Products

Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme Drops 15ml

Liquid Lactase Enzyme Food Supplement

PRICE: R207.00

Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme Tablets 120

Lactase Enzyme Tablet Food Supplement

PRICE: R235.00

Milkaid® Lactase Enzyme Tablets Junior 60

Lactase Enzyme Tablet Food Supplement

PRICE: R190.00

About Milkaid®

Unique Range
Milkaid® offers a range of food supplements, drops and tablets, for adults and children.

Great Taste
Milkaid ®Tablets and Milkaid® Junior Tablets are a first, great tasting raspberry and strawberry flavoured chewable lactase enzyme tablets.

Convenient to use
Milkaid® Tablets can be taken just before consuming food containing dairy offering convenience when eating out. Milkaid® Drops can be added to milk to reduce lactose content and then used on cereal and in drinks.

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